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Boba ice cream bar plushie with zipper plush bag laying on a nightstand
Boba ice cream bar plushie standing upright in front of cardboard packaging for real boba ice cream bars
Boba ice cream bar stuffed toy with cloth zipper bag resembling an ice cream wrapper laying on a bed
Boba ice cream bar plushie resting on a bouquet of flowers
Hand holding a boba ice cream bar plush toy outdoors in the bright summer sunlight
Super soft boba ice cream bar plushie (made by Blushiez) laying atop a cloud pillow
Boba ice cream bar plush toy with plush zipper bag sitting on a couch next to a small cute dog

The Original Boba Ice Cream Bar Plushie with Zipper Plush Bag

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Your favorite frozen boba dessert, now in plushie form! It's so soft that it almost melts away in your hands. We designed this plushie to recreate the joy of unwrapping a boba ice cream bar, taking that first big bite, and sinking your teeth into the chewy boba texture. The plushie comes packaged with a soft cloth zipper bag. Simply unwrap, snuggle, and enjoy!

  • Materials: All new materials, 100% polyester
  • Filling: PP cotton (does not contain beads, nut shells, or plastic parts)
  • Size: Approx. 8"
  • Surface clean only
  • Ages 3+

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